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Winner of the 'Most scenic airport in the world award'  Three years running:. 2018, 2019, 2020......and one of my favourite parts of the world too!  Any Idea where? 

British humour at its best......

Some random things that have happened to me 

  • Met three of The Beatles

  • Was threatened with court action by Harvey Weinstein...yes #metoo...

  • Spirited Princess Diana onto a flight out of the UK

  • Shared tea and cake with Desmond Tutu

  • Talked money with the Duke of Westminster (then one of the richest men in Britain) 

  • Argued with Sting...(who hasn’t) 

  • Mistook Simon Le Bon for a school mate

  • Upgraded Don McCullin who, in return, signed one of his war photos for me.  

  • Sorted out a domestic problem for Mick Jagger

  • Had a coffee with Charlton Heston

  • Traded travel anecdotes with David Niven

  • Sat next to Robbie Williams on a flight - without knowing who he was...doh. 

  • Shook hands with my music hero Bruce Springsteen

  • Sobered up Spice Girl Mel C until she was fit enough to fly

  • Flew Concorde 39 times…  

  • Supplied snacks for David Beckham on his private jet flight to his medical for Real Madrid  

  • Played rugby with uniformed stewardesses in a Boeing 757 at 37,000ft!

  • Shared coffee and cake with Marvin Gaye

  • Was advised by MI6 I was a terrorist target during the first Gulf War

  • Sprayed naked models with glycerin water on a calendar photoshoot (tough job)

  • Thumbed a lift on an empty LearJet at LHR to go to a football match in Zurich

  • Slid from the top of the London Eye to Jubilee Gardens by inertia reel

  • .....and took the first ever photograph from the top...which was a front page splash in the next edition of the Evening Standard.

  • Ensured my six month old niece was the first baby to have a spin on the Eye!

  • Escorted George Michael off his flight from LA after his public toilet ‘outing’ 

  • Chatted art with John McEnroe

  • Shook hands with Donald Trump (gulp!)

  • Alongside my brother played a part in bringing down the Berlin Wall 

  • Appeared in a British Airways TV ad with Peter O’Toole

  • Being told by James Mason that my impression of him was pretty good...

  • Performed a “Pas de deux” with Darcey Bussell

  • Was on Piers Morgan’s Christmas card list...

  • Attended a church service in Memphis conducted by.....The Rev Al Green!   

  • Escorted David Bowie through formalities at LHR, and he told me he was terrified of flying... 

  • Slept with Steve Redgrave’s  4 Olympic gold medals under my pillow

  • Wrote the notes for a Tony Blair speech

  • Was offered the job of PR spokesman for the Millennium Dome - I said no! 

  • Lent Rod Stewart my petrol can after he’d run out….(in Elton John’s Roller!)

  • Walked Pele between LHR Terminals, as he couldn’t read signs in English

  • Was given a free expedition to Antarctica

  • Held a Guinness World Record....(collectively with 120 others)  

  • Watched the sun rise in the west…from Concorde’s cockpit

  • Sat on John Bonham’s drumkit stool…prior to a Led Zeppelin concert

  • Broke part of a wall in Machu Picchu...(sorry world heritage site)

  • Had an in-flight beer with James Hunt

  • Was detained at an oil plant in the UAE on suspicion of espionage 

  • Had breakfast in London, flew to Barbados for lunch and was back home in time for 'match of the day'!

  • Had a free ticket for 'Live Aid' and chose to stay home to fit my new kitchen instead...doh.  

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